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The DigAMus Award is presented in the following categories:

Category 1 – Apps & Games

This category includes all offers that use apps, e.g. for visitor guidance, or that work with gamification elements in apps or on websites (as long as the gamification element is the focus).

Category 2 – Hybrid Service (online and offline are linked).

This includes all those offerings that link online and offline offerings or digital and analog methods. For example, an app combined with analog elements in the exhibition space, Or digital co-curation elements combined with analog workshops, etc.

Category 3 – Website or online exhibition

This includes all those offerings that are accessible via a website or are designed similarly to a website, e.g. virtual tours, digitorials or even Mozilla Hubs.

Category 4 – Social media campaigns

This includes all those offers that are played out on online social platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, YouTube and others. Accordingly, video productions for the aforementioned platforms also fall under this category.

Category 5 – Podcasts

This category includes all podcasts, regardless of which platform or website they are played on. 

Special price – Small budget

Creating digital or hybrid museum offerings takes time and money, which is why institutions with more financial and human resources often have an advantage here. We would therefore like to highlight those institutions in particular that show that great projects can be created even with a small budget, and thus at the same time emphasize how important sustainable funding for digital museum offerings is. In evaluating the projects in terms of the budget used, we rely on the information provided in the submission and the information available online.

Special Award – Inclusion & Integration

It should actually be considered standard to make digital or even hybrid museum offerings inclusive and integrative and thus accessible to as many people as possible. Unfortunately, this is not yet the case, which is why we want to give a special award to all those projects that set standards in this area.

Audience Award

And then there is the audience award. After the end of the submission period, the users will decide which offer they find best. Voting for this will start on September 24.