Winners of the DigAMus Award 2021

Category 1 – Apps & Games

http://uiivit. Dinge von gestern. Heute verstehen. Johann Jacobs Museum

Laudator Dr. D. Moelders

The game was convincing because it conveys very complex content with very simple means and it is fun to go through the game and learn a lot about colonial history and the opium wars.

Kategorie 2 – Hybrides Angebot

Interaktive Erklärfilme Technoseum

Laudator P. Soemers

The “Hybrid” category includes candidates that combine online and offline offerings. Well, the creation of today’s winner in this category can be used both in the museum and on the Internet via a browser. The service is available in German, English and German sign language. It combines visual and auditory elements as much as possible. Animation, subtitling, sound, sign language and interactive elements are all combined to the greatest possible extent.

Kategorie 3 – Webseite oder Online-Ausstellung

„Ich hasse die Natur!“ Klassik Stiftung Weimar

Laudator D. Vuillaume

Congratulations for this first-class online exhibition! The interplay of objects, texts and sound produces a special, very rich and personal experience. The heavy data of the online exhibits are technically processed in the background in such an optimal way that the visitor does not notice anything. Instead, the visitor can devote himself entirely to the content and his own experience. The online exhibition of the Klassik-Stiftung has a very clear navigation, which appears even easier and more pleasant thanks to flowing transitions. A very subtle use of color is employed, which contributes to the high level of elegance. One feels comfortable in the online exhibition, it is entertaining, but at the same time it plays with strong emotions and also shows challenging works. A completely successful project. Thanks to all involved for the meaningful and sensual online experience.

Kategorie 4 – Social Media Aktionen

#GartenEinsichten Burg Posterstein

Laudator M. Bachich

Social media nowadays are important communication offers with the audience and the social media action #GartenEinsichten was convincing because it enabled a very direct interaction with the ‘users/followers’ and there was a low-threshold offer for participation.

Kategorie 5 – Podcasts

Der äthiopische Mantel Villa Freischütz

Laudator J. Sauter

An excitingly prepared story about the creation of the exhibition “The Ethiopian Coat” and about the connection of individual objects to colonial history and its reception. Special praise also for the fact that the project has included the transcript. You can not only hear it, but also read it.

Sonderpreis Kleines Budget

Architektierisch Edwin Scharff Museum

Laudator A. Geipel

Really great kid-friendly videos that give insights into exhibition and museum worlds.

Sonderpreis Inklusion & Integration

Die Stadt. Zwischen Skyline und Latrine smac

Laudator K. de Braganca

One becomes curious. All people. One gets what one has to do. You keep your bearings, and that’s not a given. Unfortunately. The language is not complex, because easy language was used. Great. Also sign language. So almost everything is great.


Neanderthal Memories Neanderthal Museum

The public voted in favor with 14.9 percent of the votes cast.